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Mandate of Judgement

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Mandate of Judgement Empty Mandate of Judgement

Post by Jello Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:12 pm

Mandate of Judgement SqwgZ9I

“What is higher than the self is the Self become Higher.”

The Mandate of Judgement, often referred to simply as the "Mandate", is a functioning organization based on the island of Kiora. They are a group lead by a young man named Mon J. Early in its history, just over seven years before the present day, the faction was little more than wayward souls trying to correct the wrongs of the world. The group consisted of Mon J. as well as just under one-hundred men and women who followed his ideals. Since then, their ranks have swelled both in count of warriors and civilians. A great deal of their populace is in fact not built of warriors or anything, but people seeking sanctuary and looking to put their individual skills to use for the greater good.

The Mandate has several outposts scattered along the far reaches of Kiora, establishing trade links with the outside world when supplies cannot be easily recovered due to the great number of Dreamborn that lurk on the island. Their headquarters in a large canopy-based stronghold, built among the heights great trees linked by bridges and treehouses far above the eye of natural predators. They are known to keep many birds as messengers, most notably avians of the corvus genus (crows, ravens, etc.)

Despite Mon J.'s belief in divinity, omens and spirituality as his guiding hand, he is not one to enforce those beliefs on others, simply thanking his divinity for the protection, guidance and strength he wields in sending him forward on this mission. Those who wish to take after this divine entity, the God of Fire, have approached and are open to approach Mon J. to learn more about this vision of the future he seeks.

Ideals of the Organization include: Justice and justness, compassion, clarity, rationality, self-sacrifice, analysis, victory, honesty, even-handedness, and self-improvement on the spiritual and physical world.

The emblem of their organization is reminiscent of an ancient marking or rune from the long past, which takes the form of a being who doles out justice to evil.

Mon J. takes on four members of his group for lethal training, preparing them for death before life. These are known as his Most Resplendent Heavenly Retainers. These four retainers are tasked with the same responsibilities of Mon J. as well as protecting him from danger. They are, in effect, extensions of his very will and ideals. They are his most trusted confidants and have proven themselves both capable warriors and capable friends in times of need.

Faction Leader: Master Mon J. "The Will of Fire"

Most Resplendent Heavenly Retainers: Kulaan Lokthur, Kushinadahime, Zhihao Zhu, Rei Dantalion

Faction Emblemology: Upward arrow is the key component, though on banners it is often encircled and colored by a red background.

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