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On the Right Track [Open]

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On the Right Track [Open] Empty On the Right Track [Open]

Post by The Genius Manager Tue Dec 17, 2019 8:44 pm

Many hearts were left in fear after the recent incident in Jadai. No matter the effort put into securing the city, the horror viewed by many impacted them in a way that'll echo through their entire bloodline. Not to mention that the culprit was still out there.. The culprit that made it's way to a far-away mountain. In it's wake nothing but broken trees and smashed rocks from a nearby forest in a way that no human could possibly do.

Following these tracks was a group of four. Clad in black military tuxedos underneath a white lab coat on all but one who walked ahead of the whole group, dressed in protective clothing. The red armband on their upper arm bearing the insignia of the Triuvmirate on a white background enclosed in a black ring identified them as workers of the Sato group. These armbands were usually worn by members of the Triuvmirate when they embark on official buisness so that they may be recognized in the field - Red for Sato, Green for Tsukuda and Blue for Himura. The one ahead stopped, and after a while the others gathered in a circle around him, and when they did, a blue beam of light erupted from his eyes to reveal a hologram of Eua herself.

"Human sized as mentioned.", "We're on the right track." - Said the two of them one after another, to which Eua replied with a soft smile across her face.
"Continue as instructed, and do it fast." Her eyes jumped from one man to another as they saluted her in unison. The holographic projection disappeared and the men continued on in the same formation.
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